Chapter 772: Hakodate Sumiyoshi Shrine (函館 住三吉神社)

This was during late April last year. Cherry Blossom were still blooming in Hakodate, I came across a road of pink and decided to follow down the route. Up the little hill lays a little shrine called: The Sumiyoshi Shrine. I didn’t know there was a shrine here, and it’s one of the best about travelling…Discovering new things. The cherry blossom trees leading up towards the shrine were so beautiful…Looks like something straight from a manga or anime.


9 thoughts on “Chapter 772: Hakodate Sumiyoshi Shrine (函館 住三吉神社)

  1. Just read about the Republic of Ezo and all that fighting back when the Shogun fell. Hakodate seems to be an interesting place. Really nice, too, judging by the great photos.

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    1. Awww, I definitely recommend visiting Hakodate for sure! There’s many things to see and do, and eat…I would recommend visiting the Tachimachi cape on a lovely day. Maybe Mt. Hakodate to see the view and take the ropeway up. And the Goryokaku for the view of the lovely star-shaped garden. The Hakodate Morning Market too for fresh seafood. And the port is always nice to visit. I will definitely go back to Hakodate sometime in the near future for another Hokkaido trip.

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