Chapter 746: Sakura Trees at Miyagi Park (三八城公園)

From Hon-Hachinohe Station (本八戸駅) its less than a 10 min walk to Miyaji park. My google maps at the time was showing the cherry blossom icon so I went off on a journey to have a look. The weather was actually VERY cold, rain then snow was predicted that afternoon and evening. I arrived early in the morning and the air was icy. And this was just end of April this year. But this is normal, up north in the Tohoku region spring weather comes a bit later than the rest of Japan. The petals on the ground looked almost like powdery snow. Very pretty!


One thought on “Chapter 746: Sakura Trees at Miyagi Park (三八城公園)

  1. Hello Sakura in November! Sounds incredible. Thank you sharing your beautiful photos with us.

    Have a nice day!


    Today I started a new series of my posts. If you follow my posts, you will visit with us our vacation in 2011 Egypt. At the time we made a Nile cruise. It was not only a cruise on Nile, but visiting many ancient temple sites during our trip. First post shows the Karnak temple in Luxor with 51 photos. There will 8 posts totally with 361 photos. I show you also these temples: Luxor, Kom Ombo, Philae, Hatsesup, Colossi of Memnon. Two posts will show you what we saw on the banks of Nile and one what we saw on a boat trip (not a river ship, but small boat). The life on river banks is slow life and it is like time travel.

    Welcome to Nile cruise with us thru my photos,
    Matti aka Sartenada


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