Chapter 501: Tomita Farm (ファーム富田)

Lavender! It has been cultivated for over half a century in Hokkaido now and I simply love the scent of lavender because it really calms the mind. The best time to visit Tomita Farm is during the summer season, around July to August is where you’ll get to see everything in full bloom. I visited during the end of May, so most things had only just begun but, still visible and beautiful to see. Furano may be famous for its lavenders (Specifically at Tomita Farm) the area also has blossoms, poppies, lupins, lilies, salvias, cosmos and big yellow sunflowers! Flowers galore!

The farm has no admission fees but most guests who visit do purchase gifts from the shops that offer lavender related products and merchandise, they also have a cafe! I absolutely love flowers! Although I do have mild hay fever, but luckily I didn’t experience any flare-ups during my visit. On the grounds, there is a greenhouse and when you enter you can smell a big poof of lavender! It wasn’t super busy when I arrived but the gift shops were pretty packed full of tourists. I really enjoyed the farm and it has so much to offer, if you like lavender, flowers and being surrounded by nature then this a lovely place for you.

During the summer time some trains on the JR Furano Line and Furano Biei Norokko trains stop at the Lavender Batake Station but during other seasons like winter or autumn access via public transport will be zero. It’s rural Japan so don’t expect it to be like the cities, transport is not as frequent so travelling by private transport may be a better option for convenience-sake ie. Taxi or Car! You can also take the bus but I’m not sure about the timetable, another way to get to the farm is from the JR Furano Station then get off at Nakafurano Station and walk for about half an hour, in Sapporo they have a sight-seeing bus that visits Furano.

I’m craving lavender ice cream. . .


11 thoughts on “Chapter 501: Tomita Farm (ファーム富田)

  1. Fabulous photos! We grow a lot of lavender here in Provence too and it’s simply spectacular to see and I love how it perfumes the air. I also use a lot of it during the summer to scent the apartment. It’s so soothing and calming.

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  2. What exquisite pictures. I am a gardener and I love farms. This would be a marvelous spot for me to visit, and thanks to you I have. I grow mostly veggies as I have very little space, but I may put in a bit of lavender. Thanks for sharing this lovely post.

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