Chapter 497: Kamifurano Pork for Lunch

The restaurant, Furano Grill, is located inside the Goto Sumio Museum and I really enjoyed having lunch while viewing the beautiful hills. It was a superb way to rewind and relax…At this moment in time a thought popped into my mind ‘How wonderful would it be to have lunch here everyday?’ It was my first time having lunch in a place like this and I couldn’t have felt more happier.

Starting off the course was a delicious cold potato soup, it was a pretty hot day so this was perfect, creamy and a great way to start lunch. The restaurant also offers steak, burgers, pizza, fish and curry dishes. I had the Furano Pork with Rice and Salad, it was pretty cute that the pork came in a pot. The pork was very subtle an soft, free from any chewy bites.

Pork is one of my favourite type of meats out there. They used pork loins, slow cooked with chaliapin sauce. On the side I had broccoli and asparagus with cheese sauce. For dessert I had strawberry jelly. The portions are considered quite small but perfect for my stomach because at once, I can not consume so much and tend to spread my meals across the day. It was a lovely dining experience in the middle of nowhere almost.


3 thoughts on “Chapter 497: Kamifurano Pork for Lunch

  1. This sounds and looks absolutely delicious. Somehow my comment on the “lavender ice cream” got lost, but I wanted to say it was another thing I would love to try.
    Good start to the New Year.

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