Chapter 495: Goto Sumio Art Museum (後藤純男美術館)

Goto Sumio Art Museum (後藤純男美術館), Biei, Furano, Hokkaido.

The museum and gallery houses over 100 pieces of beautiful works by the famous Goto Sumio. His works are absolutely the most beautiful and intriguing I’ve ever seen before, many of which are created using natural materials such as gold and platinum. The painter is a master at bringing alive the four seasons, focusing on places such as Kyoto, Nara, Hokkaido and China.

I couldn’t help but to walk around the museum with my mouth half open as I was very surprised by the colours around me. The interior is almost silent so you can focus on your surroundings. Photography in the main hall is prohibited as expected so please do respect the artist and take the art in as an experience and fond memory.

If you wish to take away some pieces you can proudly do so in the little gift shop downstairs. I walked away with 5 postcards, all of which are my favourite pieces. Each postcard was 120 Yen each but if you purchase 5 you only pay 500 Yen so it was a great deal. They were also selling posters and framed prints etc.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Goto Sumio Museum and would definitely recommend visiting. From the JR Kamifurano Station it’s about a 30 min walk, a few minutes by car/taxi and I know there is a town bus that stops near the museum, but I’m not sure how frequent it would be.

Overall, my experience was very enjoyable and I had so much fun! Entrance fee is 1000 Yen per adult, 500 Yen for kids. The museum is opened usually Mon-Sun, between 9am – 5pm but during November – March it will close an hour early. I think the location of the museum also made it even more worthwhile because when you step outside you will see the lovely grassy green fields and snow-capped mountains peeking through in the distance.


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