Chapter 488: Hokusei No Oka Observatory Park (北西の丘 展望公園)

Hokusei No Oka Observatory Park (北西の丘 展望公園) in Biei Hokkaido.

The observatory park is located approx less than 10 mins by car from the JR Biei Station or a good 20-30 mins by foot. If you’re travelling from Asahikawa Station, then it’s about 30 mins via the JR Furano Line to Biei Station so it’s quite convenient to reach. On the grounds of the park sunflowers and lavenders are planted, however when I visited in late May there were a lack of flowers to see but it didn’t stop me admiring the beautiful and spacious scenery.

The pyramid architecture is very interesting, you can climb the stairs up to the top to see a lovely panoramic view of the tranquil rural hilly landscape and mountains. The atmosphere was very peaceful, relaxing and it felt so lovely being under the warm sunlight and feeling the gentle spring time breeze against my skin. . .Best feeling of freedom!

There is also a little wooden house which is the Biei tourism office that sells some handmade merchandise, drinks and souvenirs. There are no admission fees so you can roam around free of charge. The park was a breath of fresh-air for me, near the car-park there are a few shops so if you need refreshments or food then you’re in luck. Also, there are public toilets nearby so not to worry! My visit was very enjoyable and I would recommend going during maybe summer when the flowers are more visible and in full bloom.


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