Chapter 477: Rinkousou (鱗晃荘)

Rinkousou is a Japanese inn and dining restaurant that offers delicious seafood dishes. Nearby is the restaurant was the Shakotan Shimamui Coast View Point and a post-office, but everything seemed like residential houses. But the ocean was close so it’s practically a good location for anyone who is thinking about visiting the coastline. 

The meal was prepared in a quiet and almost silent tatami mat room down the hallway. The food was fresh from the sea and Hokkaido crab was on the menu! The presentation of the food is very lovely but the taste? ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS. Crispy mackerel, steamed rice, vinegar cucumber, kelp, salmon roe, shrimp, squid sashimi, tuna sashimi, crab soup with tofu! And it was the best soup I’ve ever tasted, the broth was just right and you can taste the sweet meat of the crab. A scrumptious seafood meal and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


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