Chapter 460: Sakura Soft Ice-Cream (桜ソフトクリーム)

When I thought ‘Sakura’ I thought ‘Floral and Sweet’ and yes it was floral and mildly sweet with a salty creamy taste. It’s almost like the Salted Ice Cream I tried last year when I visited Okinawa. Only difference is the cute colour and lovely flowery taste. . .Which is very addictive. I love finding unique flavours of soft ice cream in Japan. This would actually taste good with a waffle!!


5 thoughts on “Chapter 460: Sakura Soft Ice-Cream (桜ソフトクリーム)

  1. That looks delicious, and I bet it tastes delicious too. I like floral flavors although they are hard to find in the US. You can get violet hard candy (which I like) and rose flavored candy (very hard to find) I know I would love cherry blossom ice cream.

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  2. The sweet/salty combination and salted sweet caramel is a popular flavor here in the US lately. It’s in ice creams and other treats and snacks. I’m not a fan but your suggestion of putting this on a waffle sounds good. Just another reason I need to visit Japan.

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