Chapter 451: Cathay Pacific Airlines London · Hong Kong Stopover · Sapporo


I’ve been on Cathay Pacific Airlines once before, but that was several years ago when I was still a child and I don’t remember much. So this was the real first time I’ve come to experience the airline. I was in such an excited mood I didn’t sleep a lot the night before. I was staying in a hotel inside Heathrow to ensure I make it on time the next morning, because there was a storm and many underground lines were suspended and had delays. Instincts told me to be smart and sleep at the airport! However, all turned out good!!

For long haul flights I always go for an aisle seat and I always go for the edge so I can get up anytime I fancy without asking someone to move. But, I’m happy to move if someone needs me to.

The food was good I have to admit, I ordered in advance a bland meal! Not very exciting but tasted great with many veggies. It was because during the days coming up to my trip I was experiencing gastritis and my stomach was not ready to eat anything too heavy. Plus, being on a flight means my digestive system might screw me over.

I know on KLM you can go get some ice-cream during the night but on Cathay you get pot noodles! The flight staff were very lovely and sweet! I had a quick 2 hour stopover at Hong Kong Airport so I could stretch my legs and get hydrated with some bottled water! The next flight to Sapporo lasted about 5 hours and the plane was almost empty with only a handful of people onboard, plus a big bonus, I had a window seat all to myself!! So it felt great looking at the view from above! Sitting away from me was a family of 4 which included a little baby who cried thought-out the entire 5 hours, no worries, I had earphones on loud!

Once we landed and was lining up in the long queue, I started feeling the urge to vomit. It wasn’t a great feeling as I felt very sweaty, lightheaded and hot too. It was due to the long haul + another 5 hours on top that nearly put in the toilet for life. But after some strong endurance and claiming my luggage then breathing in some fresh air, I immediately felt the effects of being alive and well again. One of the first things I noticed in Chitose airport was the decorations of cute animals, which brought a smile to my face!!

The first part of the flight was alright, the second part was great! And all in all, minus the sudden feeling of sickness, and baby cries, I enjoyed it!


2 thoughts on “Chapter 451: Cathay Pacific Airlines London · Hong Kong Stopover · Sapporo

  1. HKIA is amazing now its having many gates in other part of the airport which is newly built up. If you have 4 hrs stop over you can go around all parts of the airport inside. When you are coming to HK next time u can inform us in advance we can see you in airport and bring you for a lovely lunch or dinner in Regal or Marriot Hotel around Airport. You can fly back on your next connecting flight. Welcome to Hong Kong 🇭🇰.

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