Chapter 431: Going to the Japanese Sailor Moon Musical at Le Palais des Congrès Paris 2018


My next trip to Japan won’t be until April 2019. But! When I found out they were not only  doing the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Musical at the AiiA Theatre in Tokyo Shibuya, they were holding 2 runs of the show over the first weekend at the Le Palais des Congrès (パレ・デ・コングレ・ド・パリ 大劇場) in Paris, so I quickly whipped out my credit card and secured my seat. Ticket prices were between €30.00 to €70.00, I Bought mine for €45.00.

I desperately wanted to sit in the middle section but not pay the maximum price so I settled for T 06 SERIE 1, towards the back but 6 seats in, so a good view overall judging by the website picture. I decided upon the first showing on Saturday 3rd Nov at 20:00. Although, originally I wanted to opt for the Sunday show but, I wouldn’t make it back home at a better price as evening tickets are more pricey.

I’ll be taking the direct Eurostar train from London St Pancras Int’l to Paris Gare du Nord, 10:24-13:47. The journey will be less than 2.5hours. The ticket + return came to £148.00 + Insurance £9.00. All in all it’s not too bad considering it’ll take me directly into central. This would be my 6th time visiting Paris, so I’m not fussed about not be able to explore the city very much…The magic awaits! And that’s all that matters!!

I’m absolutely looking forward to this musical, the production will be in Japanese, it’s going to be approx 80 minutes, and I absolutely can not wait! The event is organised the Japonismes of 2018 to celebrate the 160 years of relations between both countries. I remember watching the live action series of Sailor Moon during my early teens, although I preferred the animation and manga any day…It sparked a big bolt of happiness in my life because I wanted to be a sailor scout and princess with my own amazing powers plus I wanted my own story-line, the crazy ideas I once had… Oh~I can feel the rush of my childhood memories sinking in right now.











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