Chapter 379: Creepy Stalker in Kumamoto


I was on my way back to the hotel after dinner at a lovely restaurant called Katsuretsu Tei Shinshigai (Chapter 370:Katsuretsu Tei Shinshigai). It was a tiring day and my back was hurting from all the walking. The evening fell dark very quickly and all that I could think about was a nice hot bath and to get some rest before heading out to Kurume the next morning.

On Google Maps there were 2 routes, a 4 minute walk taking the the main road and a 3 minute walk taking a smaller road. I took the latter option only because it was slightly quicker. However, the road was dimly lit with no one in sight. Before passing a reddish coloured building with some lights, presumably it was a love hotel, I quickly took notice of some footsteps coming from behind. They sounded like hard shoes? The ones with wooden soles or heels? For a short few seconds I didn’t think anything of it.

I began to walk quicker and realised the footsteps behind also began to speed up. I felt very uneasy at this point, my heart was beating 10 times faster. I don’t know why, but I briefly turned my head around and saw a shadowy figure dressed in a black hoodied coat, I couldn’t make out their face but I think it was a man. The distance between us was only about 3-4 meters. I instantly felt chills down my spine and proceeded to walk as fast as I could, the sound of the footsteps following also quickened mimicking my pace. Then just before seeing my hotel sign, I heard a loud burst of laughter and chattering coming from 2 businessmen walking by the main road. I looked back and saw the stalker suddenly turning around and walked back the opposite direction. Quickly, I entered the hotel and rushed to the lift to go to my room and texted my friend about what just happened!

What a sigh of relief! It happened so quickly I couldn’t believe it, I was in self-doubt for a few days. I’ve always felt very safe in Japan and this was the first time I honestly thought I was in trouble!! Lesson learnt: Even in one of the most safest countries in the world, there’s always weird people and it’s always good to keep alert of your surroundings and believe in your instincts. I was very lucky to have those businessmen come near my path at the right time!! Maybe taking the main road would have been a better option in this case.


27 thoughts on “Chapter 379: Creepy Stalker in Kumamoto

  1. That must be so scary! I’m glad that you’re okay. You’re right, we always have to keep alert of our surroundings even in safe countries. I remember strolling at 11 pm in Kyoto and it felt safe. However, there’s always creeps in every country and it won’t hurt to stay alert! Thanks for sharing your experience.

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  2. Ooof, glad you’re safe.

    Also, this might be in bad taste , but this reminded me of the first chapter of one of my favorite romance manga, Chikan Otoko, where a girl thinks MC was the creepy stalker following her when it turns out they just live on the same stretch of road.

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  3. Before I moved to the states I grew up in a Country called Honduras, I grew up on a farm outside of the cities(safe location) one day my father went on a business trip that I tagged along with to a city called San Pedro Sula once known as the murder capital of the word. At the time I was 7 My father gave me 3 lempiras to go to the pulperia (a corner store ) to buy some chips . I was at the Pulperia buying my chips when at the corner of my eye I saw two thugs from one with a shirt on, the other without a shirt fully covered with tattoos and a pistol tucked in his pants. They were walking down the gravel road at a pace slighty faster than walking speed. I Grabbed my chips and ran for my fathers truck. So I can Relate to the Panic Fear that arises when you feel like your life’s in danger.
    Do they allow pedestrians to carry mace or pepper spray in Japan? You should get some for safety!

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    1. Oh dear, I’m glad that you were safe and your father was close by. As a kid it must have been more scary because you were much smaller. I’m actually not sure if you can carry mace or pepper spray in Japan, I think in general it is a safe country so I don’t actually know anyone that does carry them. However I know in the UK it is illegal for normal people to use.


    1. Thank you 😊 I am very happy that nothing happened after and the weird person turned around and walked back the other way…. such a strange and terrifying experience. It has opened my eyes to be more careful.


  4. You don’t need a weapon: mace or anything like that because if you aren’t trained, it’ll just be used back on you. Instead, the best thing, is to not let on you’re scared even if you are, and use your phone and take a vid or call a friend. That works better than anything.

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  5. You are right. Thanks for the sharing in your blog! As I always think as you do too. “Japan is a safe country” sometimes do make us turn off our awareness of the suroundings. I shall be more alert next time.

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