Chapter 64: 4G SoftBank Japanese Pocket Wifi


A pocket wifi is MUST when travelling around Japan. It’s simple to use and comes with its own charger and pouch. This pocket wifi was pretty impressive, I did use Yahoo back in 2016 but found the battery to not last very long. This little gadget never once died on me, considering I’d only use it to check google maps, restaurant opening times and train times. Switching it on and off during the day can help prolong its life, I’d be out usually from 8am -8pm, by the time I’m back at the hotel I’d still have 1-2 bars left. The speed is perfect and has a large coverage of the country, I had pretty much full signal in all the places I visited. Not too sure about more rural areas. The back does in fact heat up if it is left on for 1+ hours straight. But, I’m sure that’s pretty normal for most electronic devices in general i.e. Power banks, they all need a break too.

✈Fukuoka: Flying out on 05-02-2018


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