Chapter 61: Kobe Portliner to Kobe Airport to Naha Airport


I like travelling on the Portliner in Kobe, you get the view and it’s convenient for people going to and from the airport. It’s only 330 Yen, from Sannomiya to Kobe Airport one way and vice versa, the journey lasts about 16-17 minutes. Getting to the airport is easy peasy! I went during non peak hours so the carriages were pretty much empty.

I was travelling to Okinawa via ANA and one thing that surprised me was: The fact I wasn’t required to show my passport to members of staff, my ticket and me showing up with my print out receipt was enough. That would never happen in the UK, even flying from London to Edinburgh you’d be prompted to hand over your passport to prove that your existence is not a lie. I’m thinking this was because Kobe Airport is a domestic flights only ground so I already proved myself when I first arrived at KIX. Also going through security was very quick, all I had to do was put my bag on a tray, separate electronics and drinks on a different tray, scan my ticket and fetch my new receipt. The staff members were very kind, and I didn’t feel like they were out there to get me like most airports.

The airport was small with little people when I arrived. My plane to Okinawa Naha was delayed by 10 minutes which wasn’t a problem at all, considering I’ve lived my life in London and being late is embedded in a lot of people and public transport.

This was one of the most relaxing flight journeys I’ve experienced, slept through my 2 hour ish flight, no stress, no hassle, plus I had 1 backpack and 1 checked in medium sized luggage.

✈Fukuoka: Flying out on 05-02-2018


8 thoughts on “Chapter 61: Kobe Portliner to Kobe Airport to Naha Airport

  1. Sounds like a very convenient and confortable way to travel in Japan !
    I tried the Sendai domestic airport once but don’t quite remmeber where to and from ….
    Enjoy your holidays ! 😀

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