Chapter 41: Cosmetics in Japan


Don Quijote, Tokyo.

One thing I did notice was that you could buy enlarging lenses at a lot of shops in Japan. In the UK we have none of that, you’d have to go to your local opticians and you’ll be prescribed some clear contact lenses. I was overwhelmed by the amount of selections they offered, almost as if I was walking into a labyrinth of mind-boggling products. Of course, I also bought a few lovely things to level up my ‘outside of the house’ beauty. I’d be stocking up on some new eyeliners, shadows, blushers and lip sticks again once I get over my sleep-depriving-life-sucking-jet-lag-syndrome.

✈Osaka: From 23-11-2017

✈Okinawa: Flying out on 27-11-2017

✈Fukuoka: Flying out on 05-02-2018



One thought on “Chapter 41: Cosmetics in Japan

  1. Haha. We all need that. I was given a sample of Phyto and Rose (Shisedo) cleansing oil at a hotel I stayed in Hokkaido. Trying to hunt all over in Okinawa. Have you seen it?

    I will just give up and get the DHC Cleansing oil.

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