Chapter 8: Dorayaki from Marukyo


Just when I thought my sweet-tooth had fallen out over the years, it has re-summoned itself into the weakest form possible. I consume far more savoury foods than the finest sugars on the planet. Being a long term sufferer of sensitive teeth and knowing it’s a trap, it still never stopped me from vacuuming up some cheesecake every so often, or sipping hot chocolate in the cold and depressing winter. But, I don’t crave it like I used to do. It’s like a part of my long lost childhood where I’d wake up and want vanilla ice cream or go to bed sucking on Chupa Chups.

Recently, due to it sitting inside my cupboard and is magically made available near my reach, I have been eating something called Dorayaki. Made with Hokkaido red beans, chestnuts, and created perfectly to match my drinking habits. Alone, it is a bit too sweet for my liking but goes down like soulmates with jasmine tea.

Overall, not bad for a snack and certainly it will appear again when the kettle boils.

Check in opens in 52 days . . .


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