Chapter 3: Power Banks


If you’re like me who heavily relies on a sole gadget ‘a smart phone’ then you probably have had a ‘near death’ experience. It’s not at all pleasing when you know you only have limited amounts of battery left and you’re standing in the woods on a mountain and your hotel is miles away. I own an iPhone SE and find the only time my bar is in the red is when I’m busy mass pic taking whilst blasting music in my ears. Thankfully, Mr. Blue has been serving me quite well for these 2 years.

One fine day after work I strolled into Poundland and discovered they were selling some power banks. There were a few colour options from green to orange. But found the last pink one hanging for hope, being curious and knowing my favourite colour was on display, I couldn’t resist temptation and bought the damn thing home.

Test Results:

  • Signalex 1200mAh Power Bank in Pink (L10cm x H2.2cm x D2.2cm)

iPhone SE 1% Life Remaining  > 44% Life > 42 Minutes > Dead

It died immediately after hitting 42 minutes of charge time, I had thought it’ll reach at least 50% but gaining an extra 43% life ain’t too shabby for £1.00. It’s probably better at charging smaller devices like a mp3 or mid/low range phone, anything like an iPad. . .I wouldn’t count on it.


  • Juice Squash 2800mAh Power Bank in Aqua L8.2cm x H3.7cm x D2.8cm)

iPhone SE 1% Remaining > 100% Life > 2.20 Hrs > Still Alive

Alive and doing well! From experience I know it can charge 1 full round + another quarter-ish round on the go. It took 2.20 Hrs to give my phone a CPR of 99%, although there are better power banks out there, this takes the crown for now until Mr. Blue decides to retire.

Check in opens in the next 73 days. . .


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