Chapter 2: Small is Good

You know how you sometimes convince yourself that having certain items are unnecessary and waste of money?

Well, according to my holiday in Japan last year, this mindset proved itself to be a pile of wet poo!

These were the 5 things I missed out on but now have: -Mission Accomplished-

  • Mini Hair Straightener – If I know I’m going to show my face in public I will make sure my hair is at least presentable. Packing my old salon-sized one was a major mistake as it took up more space than my imagination had mapped out. Funny how that happens, you don’t see it until it laughs in your face.
  • Selfie Stick – Yes, the most popular item that I should have got many years ago. But what happened was. . .I have a friend who despises and speaks poorly about these so called sticks and thought she made a lot of sense back then. Now that time has passed, and we’ve all grown up and she’s still an anti-stick believer, I felt it was the right time to finally own one!
  • Phone Camera Lenses – A bonus product! My phone unfortunately lacks a wide camera setting so I was saddened by the fact I was unable to capture more pretty scenery in 1 photograph. The challenges of first world problems do exist and it stings!
  • Phone Light Clamp – Taking pictures at night has always been a pitfall experience. No-Joke! But now, one of these babies will light up my sorrowful darkness with 3 brightness settings! *As long as I remember to have spare AAA batteries to feed it*
  • Pocket Luggage Scale – I wasn’t sure if I should either be proud or ashamed. I didn’t realise I went over the check-in baggage limit by 2 KG until I got to the airport. Life sucks when you fail to estimate weight correctly (also applies to wishful diets) Luckily enough my friend saved me some spare KG’s in his suitcase and I was set free from paying that extra butt acne pinching £100.00.

Check-in starts in 80 days.


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